All American Choppers is your source for high quality rollers machined to perfection. You can get painted or unpainted bodies built to your specifications, or let us help you design a completely custom ride from the frame up. Nothing is too outrageous or specialized. Give us a call, or stop by the shop any time.

Choose from
Softail or Hardtail

300 RSD Single Side Swingarm

Signature Series Softail Designs

Single side swingarm soft tail 10 up 10 out get your freak on ROCKZILLA with spinners.

Available with your choice of tank, handle bars, frame size, 63mm inverted front end, 3 or 6 degree trees.

Tom Cat has just designed the all new Phat Freak, built for long rides - comfort and style - show stopper!

We can paint your roller in any choice of colors with any design . You can also send us your sheet metal and we'll paint it for you. Our painters are the best in the business.

Brian, 6 foot tall and 195 lbs, demonstrates this softail roller with our Pro Street Frame dropseat.


A painted roller softail, with a hardtail looking frame. 10up, 5out with independent streamline tank. Available in drop seat, curve-tube frame, any size.